The BYO – Officiant


Embrace the freedom and flexibility of our BYO (Bring Your Own) Officiant Package, the perfect choice for couples who want to personalize every aspect of their ceremony. This unique package allows you to handpick your own officiant, whether it’s a friend, family member, or someone special to you, to lead your wedding ceremony at a location of your choice. It’s the ultimate way to ensure that your big day is truly reflective of your personalities and values.

With the BYO Officiant Package, you have the liberty to design a ceremony that is as traditional or unconventional as you desire. From intimate backyard gatherings to grand outdoor celebrations, the possibilities are endless. This package is ideal for couples who seek to create a one-of-a-kind experience, tailored to their individual tastes and preferences.

Our team will provide you with the necessary guidance and support to ensure that your chosen officiant is well-prepared and that all legal requirements are met. We’ll also offer advice on ceremony structure, vows, and other key elements to make sure your wedding is as seamless and memorable as possible.

Choosing the BYO Officiant Package means embracing a celebration that is uniquely yours, filled with personal touches and meaningful moments. It’s the perfect way to start your journey together, with a ceremony that truly represents your love and commitment to each other.


    1. Personalized Consultation and Officiant Preparation: Our team provides guidance and support to help you plan your ceremony and ensure all legal requirements are met. We assist in preparing your chosen officiant for the ceremony, offering tips on structure, delivery, and legal obligations, along with a customizable ceremony script template. We also provide information on completing and filing your marriage license and certificate.

    2. Vow Writing Assistance: Help with writing or selecting vows that reflect your personal sentiments and commitment.

    3. Ceremony Coordination: Tips and advice on coordinating the flow of your ceremony, from the processional to the recessional.

    4. Unlimited Email Support: Ongoing support via email to answer any questions and provide assistance throughout your planning process.


Your personalized BYO Ceremony is just four easy steps away

Step 1 “Select Your Special Location & Date” “Choose a meaningful spot and a date that resonates with you and your partner.”

Step 2 “Bring Your Own Officiant” “Invite a friend, family member, or someone special to officiate your ceremony, adding a personal touch.”

Step 3:”Let Simple Marriages Assist with the Details” “From guidance on vows to logistical support, we’re here to help you with every aspect of your ceremony.”

Step 4:”Customize Your Ceremony & Celebrate” “Tailor every detail of your ceremony to suit your style. Then, revel in the joy of your uniquely crafted celebration.”

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