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7 Show-Stopping Proposal Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

Multiples of anything may have a big visual impression, especially if they're unexpected. Filling a room with balloons, rose petals, or candles is the ultimate act for taking your partner's

Launching a Side Hustle to Help Pay for Your Wedding

Does your dream wedding exceed your budget? At Simple Marriages, we know that compromising on your wedding day isn’t ideal. Simple weddings can be beautiful and intimate, but they’re not

Legally tie the knot online from anywhere in the world!

With our unique service, anyone can have an online ceremony and get legally married. Our system allows you to be anywhere in the world – you don’t even have to

Home Is Where the Wedding Is: Budget-Friendly Tips to Prepare

There’s no need to sugarcoat it; weddings can get expensive. For this reason, many brides and grooms are choosing to hold their nuptials at home, which cuts down on the

Top outdoor Elopement locations in Hudson County

We've officiated a number of elopement weddings over the years, and these are the most memorable of all the parks in Hudson County. Each has its own particular personality and

Why You Should Consider an Elopement Ceremony

However crazy you decide to make your elopement ceremony and reception, it is almost certainly going to be more budget-friendly than a traditional wedding. This extra saving means you can

How to get married in Atlanta

Even if you're just eloping, it's not as easy as riding off into the sunset. So, I put together the information needed to get your marriage license in Atlanta.

How to Plan a Virtual Wedding Ceremony

In our introduction we mentioned Zoom, but there are plenty of other platforms out there like Google Meet, Facebook Live, and Instagram Live. At present Zoom is certainly the most

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