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Quick, Easy, and Memorable Elopement Ceremonies in Top U.S. Cities

Experience the Simplicity of Our Express Wedding Elopement Service

Super Affordable

Priced at just $175 (price subject to change based on location), our Express Wedding Elopement service is a budget-friendly choice. It’s designed for couples who want to make their union official in a simple, intimate ceremony with just a handful of friends and family.

Quick and Efficient

We’ll guide you through the entire process, from application to the city clerk’s office. Once you have the marriage license, just let us know, and we’ll marry you whenever you’re ready, possibly even the next day. After the ceremony, you’ll receive a copy of the license, and your official marriage certificate will be in your hands within days. Don’t wait—let’s make your dream wedding a reality, hassle-free!

Effortless Planning

With Simple Marriages, there’s no need for extensive planning. Apply for your license, and you’re ready to get married. The average wait time is 1 to 10 days, depending on the city clerk’s office.💍

Location Availability

We currently offer this service in San Diego, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, New York City, and New Jersey.

The best part? Your ceremony will be officiated near the city clerk’s office, ensuring a quicker process to obtain your marriage certificate. It’s all about simplifying your special day, so you can focus on creating beautiful memories together.

Intimate and Personal

Our Express Wedding Elopement service is not just affordable, but also intimate and personal. We understand that your wedding day is about you and your partner. That’s why we ensure that even though the ceremony is quick and straightforward, it’s still a special and memorable occasion that’s all about celebrating your love.

Experience the convenience of Simple Marriages’ Express wedding ceremony Package.

Contact us to arrange a wedding appointment at one of our designated locations.

Exchange vows, say “I do,” and become a married couple in as little as 15 minutes*.

No planning needed. 

Available on short notice. Don’t wait—call now for more information.

What's included

Start your journey towards a simple, stress-free, and memorable Express with Simple Marriages. Let's make your special day unforgettable.