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If all you need is to have your marriage license signed to be legally married.

You, your fiance, and your witnesses will come to us, say I do, and leave married.
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Making your wedding journey memorable and stress-free!

Forget the stress of decorations, guest lists, and venue hunting; the Express Ceremony is designed for couples seeking a simple, intimate wedding without all the fanfare. This option allows you to truly focus on the love you share and the excitement of saying “I DO” to your forever partner. Embrace the beauty of a low-key celebration that puts your connection front and center, creating cherished memories that last a lifetime.💍

A quick and stress-free way to tie the knot!

You can legally get married in just 15 minutes* with our simple and convenient Express ceremony. You and your spouse-to-be can exchange your vows and depart as newlyweds, all without the hassle of a traditional wedding ceremony. This is a perfect way to celebrate your love in a way that fits your schedule and budget. 

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You, your fiancé, and your witnesses will come to our location, say I do, and leave married in as little as 15 minutes*. Many couples choose to have an express wedding ceremony because it is quick, less expensive, and convenient. *The average Express ceremony takes 15mins but this is not always the case.

Available Monday to Thursday at one of our designated locations.
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