Gatsby Ceremony

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After a longer or additional In-Person or virtual planning session than The Minimony Package. Your Officiant writes a unique, out-of-the-box ceremony just for you!
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It’s the most popular fully customized Gatsby wedding ceremony. For the couple who wants their wedding to be as special as they are, we offer a concierge-style, individualized experience. It’s one-of-a-kind and out of this world. It will be the most memorable part of your wedding day. It’s your fairytale wedding coming to fruition The officiant will offer a full ceremony draft, for your approval, and feedback and work with your wedding planners, venue representatives, musicians, and other members of your wedding team to discuss all aspects of the event. We can conduct a wedding rehearsal, at your request.Your Officiant will not take any other events that day either 4 hours before or afterwards and arrive at least 1 hour prior and will stay as long as needed (up to 3 hours).

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Your Officiant will help you design the perfect Gatsby wedding ceremony.

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