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The Minimony

An Affordable Alternative to a Traditional Venue Wedding

Simple, elegant, and affordable wedding ceremonies

A Minimony with Simple Marriages is a beautiful, intimate, and affordable alternative to a traditional venue wedding. It’s the perfect blend of an elopement and a larger ceremony, offering you the best of both worlds.

Affordable and Inclusive

Our Minimony service is an affordable alternative to a traditional venue wedding, priced at only $575. It encompasses comprehensive guidance in obtaining the marriage license and expertly officiating the wedding ceremony, ensuring a memorable and inclusive experience.

Please note that the service does not include the venue.

Efficient and Quick

Reserve your wedding date with us, and we work with you to make sure your wedding is as special as you want it to be.

After the ceremony, we provide more help in everything from getting your marriage certificate to changing your last name if desired.

Personalized Planning

With Simple Marriages, planning is tailored to your needs and desires. Once you have your marriage license, just let us know when you want to have your wedding ceremony. The average wait time is from 10 to 180 days, depending on various factors.

Location Availability

Our Minimony service is available in San DiegoSalt Lake CityAtlanta, New York, and New Jersey. It’s like an elopement but held at a venue with more guests, perfect for couples looking to save some money.

Custom Wedding

Intimate and Romantic

Our Minimony service is designed for couples who desire the intimacy of an elopement with the structure of a traditional venue wedding. It’s the perfect setting for couples who want to share their special day with a select group of loved ones.

With the option to add on special ceremonies like the Rose to the Mothers, Sand Ceremony, Wine Box and Love Letter, Candle Ceremony, or Handfasting, you can further personalize your ceremony to reflect your unique love story.

This service allows you to create a deeply personal and romantic experience that you and your guests will cherish.

Ready to embark on a journey of love and intimacy with your partner?

Our Minimony Wedding package is designed to provide you with a romantic, personalized, and stress-free experience.

At Simple Marriages, we believe in the beauty of simplicity and the power of love.

We’re here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring your special day is as unique as your love story.

Let’s start planning your dream Minimony today.

Because love is simple, and so should be your wedding.

What's included

Start your journey towards a simple, stress-free, and memorable minimony wedding with Simple Marriages.

Let's make your special day unforgettable.