Minimony Ceremony

Starting at $575
Perfect for couples that are looking to get married in a more traditional way. This is for Couples who want a wonderful fun and romantic ceremony experience at the venue of their choice but without the large expense.

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For couples that want a wonderful, fun, and romantic wedding ceremony, but without the large expense. Very popular among couples who want a traditional wedding but much smaller and more intimate affair, usually involving only close family and friends. The most important thing about a Minimony ceremony is that it’s a very personal and meaningful event for the couple getting married. We will come to your location of choice for your ceremony and help you create the wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

What's included

Your Officiant will help you design the perfect wedding minimony.

The best views of the New York skyline, beautiful state parks, and hundreds of miles of shorelines. Plant the seed of love in the Garden State.
The center of the world with magical experiences across Manhattan & scenic views at Central Park. Have a dream wedding in the City that never sleeps.
Home of Hollywood stars, long coast of golden sand beaches, wineries, and state parks. Keep your love precious in the Golden State.
A mix of impactful civil history, beautiful state parks, and popular cityscapes. Start a fruitful union in the Peach State.
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