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Our virtual wedding ceremony is priced at $275, available nationwide. You can invite over 100 guests at no additional cost, making it a great option when the couple or their loved ones can’t be there in person.

Quick and Efficient

Complete the online application and get your marriage license in minutes. Let us know when you want to get married – we even have same-day weddings available. After the ceremony, receive your digital marriage certificate via email within 24 hours and a hard copy in the mail within a week. 💍

Effortless Planning

With Simple Marriages, there’s no need for extensive planning. Apply for your license online, and you’re ready to get married. The average wait time is less than two days.

Nationwide Availability

Our services are available nationwide, allowing you to tie the knot no matter where you are. Whether you’re nestled in the heart of a bustling city or enjoying the tranquility of the countryside, we bring the wedding to you.

Our virtual platform eliminates geographical boundaries, making it possible to get married without the need to travel or organize a venue. This flexibility also extends to your guests, who can join your special day from anywhere in the country.

Intimate and Personal

Even in a virtual setting, we ensure your wedding is intimate and personal. We weave your unique love story into the ceremony. Whether it’s personal vows, favorite readings, or special traditions, we’re here to make your wedding truly yours. With Simple Marriages, distance doesn’t diminish the warmth and personal touch of your special day.

Ready to embark on a journey of love and intimacy with your partner?

Our Virtual Wedding package is designed to provide you with a romantic, personalized, and stress-free experience.

At Simple Marriages, we believe in the beauty of simplicity and the power of love.

We’re here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring your special day is as unique as your love story.

Let’s start planning your dream Virtual wedding today.

Because love is simple, and so should be your wedding.

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Start your journey towards a simple, stress-free, and memorable virtual wedding ceremony with Simple Marriages. Let's make your special day unforgettable.