How to Plan a Virtual Wedding Ceremony

Hosting a Virtual Wedding can still be as chic and meaningful as a big day in the real world, it just requires a different approach to planning and a talented officiant!

If you have had your wedding plans disrupted or even canceled because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, you’re not alone. Couples across the country have been faced with some really tough decisions and deciding on whether to still tie the knot has been a big one. But we see no reason not to, in fact, with a positive mindset, it could actually work out for the better! Deciding to throw a virtual wedding ceremony via Zoom, for example, means you get to mark the day, make it official, and then you can have another big day in real life with all your loved ones when all this awfulness is over! That’s two parties! But organizing and choosing a virtual wedding service is a brand-new concept for nearly all of us, so today as a virtual wedding officiant we thought we’d go over how to plan your big day at home.

Get Married Online with a Virtual Ceremony on Zoom

Choose Your Streaming Platform.

In our introduction we mentioned Zoom, but there are plenty of other platforms out there like Google Meet, Facebook Live, and Instagram Live. At present Zoom is certainly the most popular, and unfortunately one we’re all too familiar with, due to everyone’s Monday meetings taking place on there! As a virtual wedding officiant, Zoom would be our platform of choice as its technology is best suited to performing a service of this type.

Virtually Invite Your Wedding Guests.

The easiest and safest way to invite your guests to your virtual wedding ceremony is via email or e-invite. Tailor your invitations to coordinate with your theme, and include any instructions on dress code, or food/drinks you want people to prepare beforehand. Lastly, make sure to insert your Zoom meeting link and meeting ID, along with your event date and time. You could also use this opportunity to introduce your virtual wedding officiant, just so they’re all aware of who else is joining the celebration.

Incorporate Your Original Wedding Vendors.

We have all been hard hit financially, and emotionally this past year. Some of the hardest hit has been the vendors in the wedding and events industry. You may have already postponed your big day and are keeping your original wedding vendor booked in for a rearranged date. But it would be a really special treat for you, and a huge gift to your vendors if you could include them in your virtual wedding ceremony. This could mean asking your florist to create a pretty floral arch for your nuptials or requesting your caterer to make dishes to be sent to your guests’ homes on the big day. You could even put together a little bit of something from all of your vendors and create a special wedding day box that’s mailed to every guest, to get them in the mood.

Make Sure Your Marriage is Legal.

Legal virtual wedding ceremonies aren’t yet legal everywhere, however things are changing rapidly in order to keep up with the shifting ways we need to run our lives. Make sure to check if your state has made digital marriages official before arranging anything. Thankfully back in April 2020, New York announced that they would allow couples to obtain marriage licenses online. As a wedding officiant in New York, this was wonderful news for us, as it meant we could start hosting virtual ceremonies for our couples, with up to 100 guests. We recently shared instructions on how to get your New York marriage license online, and it’s so simple! Find out how to do it here.

Wedding Dress or No Wedding Dress?

Many couples have really invested a lot in their big day outfits and are unwilling to wear them during a virtual wedding ceremony on Zoom, which is absolutely fair. If that’s the case, then save it, don’t feel forced to wear something you don’t want to. Either choose something smart from your wardrobe or an outfit you feel comfortable in for the ceremony and save that ballgown for the big day!

Capture the Moment!

Depending on where and when you are reading this, you may be able to invite a photographer over to capture your virtual wedding ceremony. If that’s the case, and you feel comfortable in doing that, then those are going to be some pretty special shots of a unique period of time! However, if a photographer is not possible, don’t despair, get creative! Record the whole ceremony on Zoom and then create your own virtual wedding photographer! Invest in a simple tripod, attach your smartphone, and set the timer – you’ll be amazed with the results after a bit of trial and error.

We would love to make your virtual wedding ceremony legal and be your officiant! Simple Marriages have launched an all-in-one service for couples in New York or New Jersey who would like a fun, intimate virtual wedding service performed via Zoom, in front of up to 100 guests. This includes the signing and filing of your official marriage license. To get more information or to book this service, please head over to our special Virtual Wedding Ceremony page, and you’ll find a simple-to-use request form.

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