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Kick off love and fun, Jersey Style, with Simple Marriages. Your big day is not just an event; it’s the start of something awesome. We make it easy and unforgettable.

With top local officiants, we craft ceremonies that mix elegance and Jersey flair. We handle the legal stuff, making your love journey smooth and exciting. Your stylish NJ elopement is just a call away.

Custom Ceremonies: Your love, your way, Jersey Style.

Hassle-Free Logistics: We handle the details, you enjoy the moment.

Budget-Friendly Packages: Options for every wallet.

Focus on love, we handle the rest—Jersey Style.

Our Officiants

Minister Candido

If you’re looking for an officiant who can turn your elopement into a romantic escapade, look no further. Minister Candido is the maestro of love, ready to orchestrate your perfect day with charm, affection, and an unending zest for life. 💕🌅

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Select from our tailored elopement packages to design the intimate and memorable wedding of your dreams.


Select from our tailored elopement packages to design the intimate and memorable wedding of your dreams.

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Add a personal touch to your elopement with our selection of Unity ceremonies and other unique extras.

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The Express CA When all you need is to make it legal
The Romantic Elopement CA A small, intimate affair that’s as Beautiful as you want it to be!
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Above and Beyond

Extra Touches for Your Special Day


Don’t just live your special moments—capture them forever! Elevate your experience by adding a photographer to your package, and relive the magic for years to come.

Unity Ceremony

Elevate your elopement with a Unity Ceremony. Choose from a variety of deeply personal rituals to add to your package, transforming a simple ‘I do’ into an unforgettable, lifelong memory.

Rose to the Mother

Show of appreciation to your mothers for all of the unconditional love that they have given you by handing them each a single stem red rose during your ceremony

Wedding License Delivery

Once the ceremony concludes, your officiant will personally ensure that your marriage license reaches the appropriate authority by the very next business day. Your union will not only be celebrated but also promptly made official!

Free Wedding Resources!

Unlock the Perfect Elopement Experience with Our Free Wedding Resources! Transform Your Elopement Journey into Pure Bliss with Our Expertly Crafted Tools and Guidance!

Free Wedding Website!

Planning your special day just got easier. Find awesome, free websites where you can set up your own wedding site. You can pick a cool venue, send out fun ‘Save the Dates’, manage a gift registry, and lots more.

Free Custom Wedding Vows

Get personalized wedding vows for free! Share your love story, and we’ll craft vows that reflect your unique bond. Available with free revisions if you celebrate with us.

Free Marriage License Guide

Unlock the secrets to a hassle-free marriage license with our free guide. Get clear steps, essential contacts, and a direct link to the application. Simplify your journey to ‘I do’ with our expert help!