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Planning your special day just got easier. Find awesome, free websites where you can set up your own wedding site. You can pick a cool venue, send out fun ‘Save the Dates’, manage a gift registry, and lots more.

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Fun Elopements, Jersey Style!

Experience the romance and intimacy in New Jersey.

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Kick off love and fun, Jersey Style, with Simple Marriages. Your big day is not just an event; it’s the start of something awesome. We make it easy and unforgettable.

With top local officiants, we craft ceremonies that mix elegance and Jersey flair. We handle the legal stuff, making your love journey smooth and exciting. Your stylish NJ elopement is just a call away.

Custom Ceremonies: Your love, your way, Jersey Style.

Hassle-Free Logistics: We handle the details, you enjoy the moment.

Budget-Friendly Packages: Options for every wallet.

Focus on love, we handle the rest—Jersey Style.

Elopement Artists

Our Officiants & Photographers

Jessica M


Meet Minister Jessica, Union City’s ray of sunshine, brightening weddings across Hudson, Bergen, Essex, and Union counties! Known for her infectious laughter and easy-going nature, Jessica is the epitome of fun-loving spirit in the world of wedding officiants. Her ceremonies are a beautiful blend of heartfelt moments and light-hearted fun, creating an atmosphere where love and joy are in full bloom.

Jessica’s approach is all about celebrating each couple’s unique story with a touch of humor and a lot of heart. If you’re dreaming of a wedding day filled with laughter, love, and laid-back vibes, Minister Jessica is your perfect match – a cheerful guide to a wonderfully memorable “I do” experience.

Minister Alfredo


Welcome to the world of Minister Alfredo – Lyndhurst’s very own weekend wedding wizard, spreading joy across Hudson, Bergen, and Essex counties! With Alfredo, your wedding isn’t just a ceremony, it’s a laughter-filled extravaganza. Only available on weekends and holidays, he’s the comedic heartbeat and the easy-going spirit every couple yearns for. Whether it’s cracking jokes that have everyone in stitches or delivering heartfelt vows with a twinkle in his eye, Alfredo makes each wedding an unforgettable blend of humor and warmth. If you’re tying the knot in his service areas and crave a ceremony that’s as entertaining as it is meaningful, look no further. Minister Alfredo is the fun-filled finale to your wedding planning week – a guaranteed hit for a joyous and memorable celebration!

La Littles


La Littles, a beacon of joy and love at Simple Marriages, brings her warmth and sincerity to every wedding ceremony she officiates in Newark. With years of experience, she masterfully weaves each couple’s unique story into a beautiful tapestry of vows, creating unforgettable and intimate experiences. Her passion for celebrating love, coupled with her ability to craft ceremonies that resonate deeply, makes La Littles the ideal choice for couples seeking a magical start to their journey together.

Minister Sharon


More Than Just Words

Sharon’s goal goes beyond just reading your vows. She aims to make each ceremony magical, ensuring that couples don’t just hear the words but feel the essence of their love enveloping them. For Sharon, it’s not just about saying ‘I Do,’ it’s about experiencing the ‘I Do’ in its purest, most emotional form.

Minister Ciara


Minister Ciara, a vibrant force of passion and inclusivity, graces the Northern New Jersey area with her heartfelt dedication to celebrating love in all its forms. Based in Garfield, she is a cherished member of the Simple Marriages team, known for her unwavering commitment to crafting personalized and deeply meaningful wedding ceremonies. Her enthusiasm for love knows no bounds, especially when it comes to celebrating LGBT unions. Minister Ciara’s approach is not just about officiating a ceremony; it’s about honoring each couple’s unique journey and fostering a celebration that reflects the depth and diversity of their love. For couples seeking an officiant who embraces love in its truest sense, Minister Ciara is the epitome of compassion, understanding, and joy.

Minister Alba


Meet Minister Alba – your go-to for a splash of cultural zest in your wedding ceremony! 🌟 Dancing through Hudson County and parts of Union and Essex Counties, Alba brings a vibrant energy to every Spanish and bilingual ceremony she officiates. A proud member of the Simple Marriages crew, she’s all about mixing tradition with a modern twist. Whether it’s weaving Spanish love ballads into your vows or adding a bilingual twist to your “I dos,” Alba’s ceremonies are as lively and colorful as a fiesta! For couples dreaming of a wedding that’s equal parts heartwarming and fun, Minister Alba is your ticket to a celebration that’s as unique and joyful as your love story. 💃🎉

Minister Ozzie


Meet Minister Ozzie, the charismatic officiant who’s been turning “I do” into everlasting moments for over two years now. With a unique blend of sincerity, warmth, and humor, Ozzie is the perfect choice to celebrate love in all its forms.

Languages? No Bar!

Ozzie isn’t just fluent in the language of love; she also speaks Spanish and Portuguese, making her the ideal minister for a diverse range of couples.

Photographer Allan


📸 Meet Allan, Union, New Jersey’s charismatic wedding photographer and a key collaborator with our officiants at Simple Marriages! 📸 Allan brings a unique blend of humor and professionalism to every wedding in Hudson, Essex, and Union County. More than just capturing stunning photos, he works closely with our officiants to make every aspect of your wedding seamlessly special.

His passion for wedding photography shines through in every picture, telling the story of your day with a mix of candid moments and beautifully crafted shots. Allan’s fun-loving approach ensures a relaxed atmosphere, resulting in natural, joyful, and authentic images. For a wedding album that beautifully intertwines with the magic of your ceremony, Allan is the perfect choice to capture the essence of your love story.

Above and Beyond

Extra Touches for Your Special Day


Don’t just live your special moments—capture them forever! Elevate your experience by adding a photographer to your package, and relive the magic for years to come.

Unity Ceremony

Elevate your elopement with a Unity Ceremony. Choose from a variety of deeply personal rituals to add to your package, transforming a simple ‘I do’ into an unforgettable, lifelong memory.

Rose to the Mother

Show of appreciation to your mothers for all of the unconditional love that they have given you by handing them each a single stem red rose during your ceremony

Wedding License Delivery

Once the ceremony concludes, your officiant will personally ensure that your marriage license reaches the appropriate authority by the very next business day. Your union will not only be celebrated but also promptly made official!

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