The Minimony Venue Wedding


Discover the magic of a traditional wedding with a personal twist in our Minimony Package. This package is designed for couples who dream of a classic ceremony but are mindful of their budget. It’s the perfect choice for an intimate and memorable celebration with your nearest and dearest.

Our Minimony package offers a beautiful blend of tradition and intimacy, ideal for those who want a smaller, more personal affair. It’s all about celebrating your love in a way that feels true to you, surrounded by those who matter most.

We’re here to ensure that every aspect of your ceremony is handled with care and precision. While this package includes all the essentials for a beautiful ceremony, you also have the option to add a unity ceremony and rehearsal for an additional charge, allowing you to customize your day even further.

Choosing the Minimony means embracing a wedding that’s both meaningful and personal. It’s an invitation to begin your married life with a ceremony that’s a true reflection of your love and commitment.


  • Professional Officiant A skilled officiant to lead your ceremony with warmth and professionalism.
  • Legal Assistance Expert guidance on all legal requirements to ensure your marriage is official.
  • Customized Ceremony A ceremony tailored to your love story, values, and preferences.
  • Unlimited Guests The freedom to invite as many guests as you wish to share in your special day.
  • Venue Choice The flexibility to choose a venue that holds special meaning for you, whether indoors or outdoors.
  • Optional Add-Ons The opportunity to add a unity ceremony and rehearsal for an extra touch of personalization (additional charges apply).

Your Ideal Minimony is just three easy steps away

Step 1: “Select Your Ideal Venue & Date” – Pick a meaningful location and choose a date that resonates with you and your partner.

Step 2: “Secure Your Marriage License” – We’ll guide you through the process of obtaining your license effortlessly, ensuring everything is in order.

Step 3: “Exchange Vows & Celebrate” – Experience a heartfelt ceremony in your chosen venue. We’ll assist in personalizing it to your preferences and ensure your marriage is officially recognized with the certificate.

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