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5 Top Reasons an Elopement Ceremony Makes Sense

5 Top Reasons an Elopement Ceremony Makes Sense

If you’ve ever wondered about an elopement, you’ve probably asked yourself if it’s really worth it and whether it’s better than a traditional wedding. Getting married to your significant other is a special and memorable occasion, so it’s not out of place to ask these questions. Elopement ceremonies used to be just about saving money but a lot has changed in recent times. Here are 5 top reasons to choose an elopement ceremony.

  1. “Just-the-two-of-us” experience

Perhaps, the biggest reason many couples opt for an elopement ceremony is that it allows for a totally intimate wedding celebration. If you’re looking forward to enjoying your special day by stripping away the distractions and just focusing on your partner alone, elopements might be the right choice for you. You and your partner will be able to melt into each other and savor the entire experience of making your wildest, most romantic dreams about the wedding ceremony come true.

  1. Meaningful and authentic

Another point in favor of an elopement ceremony is that it gives couples the freedom to search for authenticity. It’s okay to consider eloping if you hate the idea of putting up a performance for guests by following the different traditions that go with big weddings. Rather than go through a day of pomp that’s unsatisfying, an elopement allows you to make all the decisions the way you want without having to worry about the pressures or recommendations of others.

  1. Avoid family drama

Generally, a traditional wedding requires that both families are present to celebrate with the couple and make the day memorable. However, the reality is that this doesn’t always happen, especially since we all have relatives who are difficult. If the thought of your families attending your wedding ceremony makes you uneasy, you can play by your rules by eloping. You don’t want to begin your new life together by having to deal with family drama and the stress that comes with it. An elopement ceremony will save you from the madness that can come from the most well-meaning family and friends.

  1. Desire for adventure

The fact is that your wedding day is your day and you are free to choose something different from a traditional wedding. There’s no rule that says you can’t have plenty of fun and excitement on your big day. Eloping is a great way to begin a life of adventure and excitement as it offers you the opportunity to do and see things you may not have imagined for wedding celebrations. You can start your life together by creating something uniquely adventurous – an event you will look back on forever.

  1. Less stress and anxiety

When you decide to plan a wedding, there are usually a lot of things to do and take into consideration to make the day perfect. The effects of the planning can be too much for some couples to handle. You can get rid of the apprehension and frustration of planning your wedding by opting for an elopement ceremony. You deserve to have a wedding that’s memorable because you enjoyed the most of it without wanting to pull your hair out.




There’s something wildly romantic about eloping in a dream location in the most intimate and meaningful experience. It is fast becoming a more popular way of tying the knot over having a big, traditional wedding. Looking to elope? At Simple Marriages, we are a team of experienced elopement officiants and we will be happy to perform your elopement ceremony.