There are many reasons why a big wedding just isn’t for everyone, and how eloping just feels right.
The elopement ceremony is no longer the clandestine, rushed, and unplanned event that it once was. In 2021 and beyond, eloping is an intimate and very personal way to exchange vows with your partner. It can be grand and luxurious, simple, and rustic or anything in-between – because, with an elopement ceremony, you can create whatever style of celebration you want. As a team of experienced elopement officiants in New Jersey and New York, Simple Marriages has had the privilege of marrying so many happy couples in the Tri-State area. And so today, we thought we’d share what we believe to be the benefits of an elopement ceremony, and why you should consider one for your nuptials.

There Are No Rules with an Elopement Ceremony

When it comes to eloping, you hold all the cards. You can decide exactly where and when you want to do everything. And this means you can tailor your day, your weekend, your wedding vacation even, around the things that you want to do. No family rules to follow, or social pressure to adhere to. And to make it even easier. We also have so many amazing elopement spots to share with you.

Free Up Your Budget

However crazy you decide to make your elopement ceremony and reception, it is almost certainly going to be more budget-friendly than a traditional wedding. This extra saving means you can either splash out on the honeymoon of a lifetime. Or take the sensible route and bump up your deposit for a house. As officiants, this is one of the main reasons our New York & New Jersey couples say they chose an elopement ceremony.

Less Anxiety

If one, or both of you struggle with anxiety, then an elopement ceremony will certainly reduce the amount of stress you may feel. For many, a big wedding doesn’t offer the warm feelings that it should. The hundreds of eyes fixed on you. That feeling of being in the spotlight. It can feel like a lot of pressure. So, if you want to remove that stress, and simply celebrate your love, then tie the knot in a way that feels right to you.

An Elopement Ceremony is Just for VIP’s

If you’re considering eloping but can’t imagine tying the knot without your best friends, or closest family around you. That’s ok! With an elopement ceremony, you control the guest list. You could invite just your best friend from high school. Or maybe just your parents. But rest assured, whoever you choose will really feel like a VIP for the day!

You Can Actually Celebrate Together

How many married couples have you talked to that said, “I didn’t even get a chance to ask my husband/wife how they were doing during the big day!” It’s so common, and understandable that couples don’t actually get to spend any quality time together during their wedding. Because they’re too busy celebrating with all of their guests. But it’s each other that you’re supposed to be spending this moment with. So, guarantee yourselves some quality time together, and consider an elopement ceremony.

Simple Marriages would love to officiate your elopement ceremony! Our team of experienced elopement officiants have been marrying couples in New York, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas for over 10 years now. We also recently expanded into Atlanta and San Diego due to popular, local demand. We are experts in eloping and can assure you that your ceremony will be the intimate and personal experience that you have been dreaming of. Start your journey now by filling in this quick form, and we’ll get right back to you with what we can do for you.