Why You Shouldn’t Choose Simple Marriages for Your Wedding: 10 Reasons

“10 Reasons to Avoid Simple Marriages for a Stress-Free Wedding” is not just a catchy title; it’s a guide for those who enjoy complexity, high costs, and a dash of chaos in their wedding planning. If that sounds like you, then Simple Marriages is not the service for you. Here are 10 reasons why you should absolutely avoid us. Learn more about the secret power of intimate elopements.

Comparison Table

FeaturesSimple MarriagesTraditional Weddings
Customer SupportSimplifies the ProcessLimited
Legal GuidanceComprehensiveMinimal
Hidden FeesNonePossible
Ceremony CustomizationHighLow
Name Change AssistanceYesNo
Stress LevelLowHigh

1. You Want to Spend a Fortune on Your Wedding

At Simple Marriages, we offer affordable packages that won’t break the bank. If you’re looking to splurge unnecessarily on your big day, you won’t find that extravagance here. Discover how much you can save by eloping.

2. You Enjoy Bureaucratic Hurdles

We guide you through every step of the legal process, from answering questions via chat to calling the clerk’s office for precise information. Navigate the legal process of a secret marriage with ease.

3. You Want to Be Overwhelmed with Choices

Our curated packages are designed to simplify your decision-making process. Unlock the secrets of elegant elopement ceremony etiquette.

4. You Prefer Stress Over Simplicity

Our goal is to make your wedding planning as stress-free as possible. Avoid common mistakes when searching for a marriage officiant near you.

5. You Want to Figure Out Marriage Licenses Yourself

We provide step-by-step guidance for obtaining your marriage license. Get your New York marriage license online in a few simple steps.

6. You Enjoy Last-Minute Chaos

We pride ourselves on timely and efficient planning. Use our ultimate elopement ceremony checklist for perfection.

7. You Don’t Want Expert Guidance

Our experienced officiants conduct seamless ceremonies, ensuring everything goes off without a hitch. How your officiant can help plan a personalized elopement.

8. You Like Hidden Fees

We’re upfront about all costs involved, so you won’t find any hidden fees or surprise charges. Learn how to have a dream wedding for less.

9. You Want to Handle Name Changes Yourself

Post-wedding, we offer assistance with the name change process. How to include family and friends in your elopement ceremony.

10. You Don’t Value Customer Support

We offer excellent customer service to make your experience as smooth as possible. Why family-inclusive elopement ceremonies are the next big thing in weddings.


If any of these points resonate with you, then it’s clear that Simple Marriages is not the right choice for your wedding. However, if you’re looking for a simplified, stress-free, and cost-effective experience, we’re always here to help. Discover the best time of year for an elopement ceremony now.